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Dog Licenses

IMPORTANT: State Law requires that all dogs FOUR (4) MONTHS OLD OR OLDER must have a certificate of rabies vaccination. The vaccine shall be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture for use in that species and shall be administered by a currently licensed veterinarian. The certificate of vaccination must be signed by the veterinarian and include the veterinarian’s license number and expiration date of the vaccination. Dog licenses go on sale in October for the upcoming year and county tags expire December 31st of each year. No application form is required, but you are required to furnish current rabies certificate.

Purchase Rates

One Year Male/Female $10.00
Kennel  $15.00
One Year Spayed/Neutered $4.00

(The certificate will be returned to you with the dog tag.) Dog tags must be fastened to a collar and worn by the dog. If a tag is lost or destroyed, apply for a duplicate tag immediately by presenting the original receipt to the Treasurer’s Office.


If you are purchasing a kennel tag you must present the certifications of vaccination for ALL dogs kept in the kennel. For more information about animal licensing and other ordinances affecting animals, contact the Animal Control Officer at 483-7440.